How a Mayo man starts a music blog?

Nokia Brick to Samsung S7  20/7/16

Oul Lady (Mother): What the hell is a blog?
Gav: Think of it as a newspaper, online!
Oul Lady: Sure can you not just read the Western People. The entertainment pages say that Nathan Carter is playing the TF next week.
Gav: CHRIST (Drops phone)
Oul Lady: Hello??

What is Gav at?

Yes, I am starting a blog. How cringe is that?

Joking aside, I spend far too long reading and talking muck on Whatsapp.

It’s time to do something productive with my passion. On this blog you will hear the ramblings of my music obsessed mind. I plan on giving back to music what it has given me!

This will not be a ME ME ME blog (I’m way to boring).

I will be writing about all things music. I hope to touch of a variety of genres each month. What are your top 3 genres? This blog will regurlarly include music recommendations, gig previews/reviews, artist profiles, and other various features i.e. music of the movies etc.


Once during a college musical practical exam, after I had sang my songs I proceeded to tell the three examiners that sport was my first passion.


This was true at the time but things have changed. They looked at me with confusion and disgust and wished me on my merry way. A month later my results reflected my ignorance.
Well done Cillian!


Gav, who’s he?

He is from Castlebar, Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland. I currently live in a leafy suburb of south Dublin. It is quite possibly the greatest place on earth (Vegas aside) I love all types of music and have been playing live for the past 4 years. I hope you can get something from this blog and share with me what you love about music!


What I’m listening to right NOW! 

Check out this list that I slaved over for 10 minutes. Let me know of any similar recommendations you have.

Pop: Hozier, Drake, Years & Years, James Bae & Jess Glynne

Indie Rock: Arcade Fire, Kodaline, The National & Fleet Foxes.

Electronica: Jamie xx, London Grammar (OMG love these) Kygo & James Blake

Folk Rock: Daughter, The Staves, Bon Iver & James Vincent Mc Morrow.

Classic Tunes: Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, Bowie (RIP) & The Supremes

That is how a Mayo man starts a music blog.

I hope you enjoyed my first post and if you did please subscribe.

This is social media so to tell me what your favourite 3 bands are right now.

Gav………out (Mic drop)


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